Half yearly reports and the Quality Catholic Schools Survey

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

At the end of this term you will receive your child’s half yearly report. At the moment the teachers are working hard finalising their grades and writing comments for the report. There are some changes to the reports from previous years. Comments for English, Maths and Religion will be more specific and in point form. The comments will show what your child can do and what is needed to improve their grade. The overall grade from A-E will show where your child is in relation to the rest of the grade and how well they are doing compared to the curriculum expectations for children of the same age. The comments will illustrate the grade but not cover every area. This is why its so important to come to the parent teacher interviews. Further information and an opportunity to book online will go out shortly. The dates and times will be: Monday June 26 between 2:45 and 4;30pm Tuesday June 27 between 8 and 8:30am Wednesday June 28 between 2:45 and 7:00pm.

Every year schools across the Parramatta Diocese participate in the Quality Catholic Schools Survey. This survey compares our results to many Catholic and non catholic schools across Australia and gives a good indication of the health of the school. Parents were randomly chosen and 70 were invited to participate. All teachers and staff participated too as did the children from Year 3-6. Our results show an overwhelming positive attitude to our school and I was thrilled to see that. There are of course areas to work on. School improvement is a continuous process and a Principal’s work is never done! Over the next few weeks the staff and I will look at the results and use the data to plan improvements.