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The St Joseph's Primary newsletter contains the most up-to-date information about our school.

Our school newsletter is emailed fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon, and archived below to read at your convenience.

We encourage all parents to subscribe to our newsletter. Simply complete the form below. This will help you keep up-to-date with all the St Joseph's latest news and upcoming events, delivered straight to your email.

It is important that parents and carers read the newsletter and all notes carefully, as they are valuable sources of information about events within our school community and a means of communication between school and home.

  Term 4 Week 1 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Principal's Update, Religious Education Coordinator's Update, 2018 World Mission Appeal, Sports Coordinator's Update, Important Information for Parents, Parent Volunteers, Leap2Learn Awards, Gospel Awards, Community News & more...


  2018 Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

In this issue: Message from the Principal, Breaking News, Date for Term 4, Parent Volunteers, Awards, Community News and much more....

  2018 Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

This Newsletter has news about the Fathers day celebrations, Dates for Term 4 and start dates for next year as well as Religious Education News and more

  2018 Newsletter Term 3 Week 5

News from the Principal, Voice of Youth, Parent Group, Fundraisng News and more

  2018 Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

News from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and details of events happening at St Joseph's.

  2018 Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

The first Newsletter for Term 3

  2018 Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

This weeks Newsletters has the reults of the survey regarding the expansion of St Joseph's. information about the St Vinnies canned soup drive, Athletics results, student awards and more

  2018 Newsletter Term 2 Week 7

This issue of the Newsletter has news about the Childrens Crossing, Stage 3 Gala Day news, The Canned Soup Drive, Student Awards & more

  2018 Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

Amazing changes are underway for St Joseph's. In this issue of the newsletter - News from the Principal, the Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator as well as the school diary and reminders about the Year 6 Bunnings BBQ plus more.

  2018 Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

Naplan news, Opal Card Bus Usage, Tell them from Me survey link, Family Day Liturgy, Sports News and more.

  2018 Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

The first Newsletter for Term 2 with news about Rolling pick-up, a match report & information about Liturgy celebrations at St Joseph's

  2018 Newsletter Term 1 Week 11

News from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and Student Awards

  2018 Newsletter Term 1 Week 9

In this newsletter is information about Easter, The Cross Country, how to order winter jackets and more.

  2018 Newsletter Term 1 Week 7

This Newsletter has information about St Joseph's Wanderers of the year celebration, Easter news, the Round 1 Cricket Match report, Parent Group News and more

  2018 Term 1 Week 5 Newsletter

This Newsletter has information regarding Rolling Pick Up feedback, Sports News, Student awards and School Photos

  2018 Term 1 Week 3 Newsletter

This newsletter contains news about the rolling pick-up, Leap 2 Learn student awards, Religious Education information & sports news

  2017 Newsletter Term 4 Week 9

The last newsletter for 2017. News from the Principal, Assistant Principal and Religious Education Coordinator.

  2017 Term 4 Week 7 Newsletter

News from the Principal, end of year event detils, COSHC Christmas Operation dates, student awards and Mary immaculate Parish Fair details

  Week 5 Term 4 Newsletter 2017

This fortnights newsletter has information about Sport, Religious Education, Student awards and more

  2017 Newsletter Term 4 Week 3

This newsletter has information about the 2018 School Leaders, Religious Education news, sports news and the school calendar.

  Newsletter Term 4 Week 1 2017

This newsletter has information about the Joey code, sports news, Religious Education information & the 2018 Diocesan Fees Schedule.

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 9

This fortnights Newsletter has informtaion about Fathers Day, Captivate, The Spring Fair, sports news and much more.

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

This issue of the Newsletter has news about the Spring Spectacular, Fathers Day, sports news, the latest news from Kindergarten and more.

  Kindergarten Newsletter Term 3 Week 7

All the latest news from Kindy from the past few weeks.

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 5

In this Newsletter you will find a Blog from the Principal Mrs Studans, about the 20th Anniversary Mass. News about Sports, the Spring Fair and an updated school calendar.

  Kindergarten Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

The latest Newsletter from Kindergarten

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 3

This Newsletter has information about the 20th Anniversary Mass, A Youtube video about Daily Attendance, Pictures from Grandparents Day, Soccer and Netball Gala Days and Kindergartens 100 Days of Learning.

  2017 Newsletter Term 3 Week 1

News from the Principal, sports news, information about Grandparents Day and the 20th Anniversary

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 9

News from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator, sports news and the latest Teaching & Learning News stories.

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 7

News from the Principal, the Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and Sports News. There is also a report from the Media Team about the Girls Soccer Gala Day.

  2017 Newsletter Term 2 Week 5

This newsletter has information regarding the proposed options for new afternoon pick up, sports news, Parent Group news and stories from the Media Team.

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 3

This issue of the Newsletter has news from Kindergarten and stage 3. There is also Sports News, Religious Education News, a Mark Taylor cricket match report and a P & C survey. There is also news about changes to the bus times. Issued each fortnight.

  Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

A new look newsletter for Term 2. News from the Principal, the Religious Educator. A Mothers Day Liturgy invite and all the sports news.

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 11

News from the Principal, the Assistant Principal, ANZAC Day Liturgies and Sports updates.

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 9

From the Principal, News from the Assistant Principal, Sports Updates, the weeks ahead and news from the Media Team,Easter Raffle and School Disco.

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 5 2017

Open Day, Sports Updates, Ash Wednesday

  Newsletter Term 1 Week 3 2017

From the Principal, Calendar Overview, Chess, Book School Interviews Online


2017 Calendar of Events, Principal Address and more...


Upcoming events and more


Upcoming events, Weekly awards and much more....


Upcoming events, Awards and more


Important dates, Principal message, awards and more...


Term 4 Events, Awards and More


Upcoming events, awards and more...


Upcoming events, awards, and much more....


Upcoming events, Awards, School information ,Parent Committee save the dates for fundraisers, and more....


Upcoming events, Assembly awards and more....


Important Diary Dates, School Information, Awards etc


Upcoming events, Principal Address, Sports update, Parent group information and more...


Upcoming events, Assembly Awards, News items from the Media Team, Principal Address, Assistant Principal And RE news


Upcoming Events, Awards and loads more information.....


Upcoming events


Upcoming events, Awards etc


Upcoming events, Changed Traffic conditions Alex ave and more...


Upcoming Events, Calendar dates and lots more


Term 2 Calendar


Upcoming Events, Assembly awards, Principal awards and more...


Upcoming events, Award Recipients, and more...


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events, Easter Liturgy Calendar and more...


Upcoming events


Upcoming Events and important information


Zone Swimming Carnival results, Upcoming events etc


Upcoming events, Important information, Assembly Awards and more....


Upcoming Events, Important instructions on how the Kiss & Drop operates smoothly and safely. Opening School Mass & Induction of New School Leaders this Friday 12 noon Community Space


Upcoming Events, Important Information etrc


Need to know information regarding upcoming events


Merry Christmas to all.... be safe and see you in 2016 for a fabulous year of learning and fun.


Upcoming events, 2016 Staffing and more....


Calendar Events and more...


Principal Address, Calendar dates, Bus timetable and route change, School fee schedule 2016 and more....


Upcoming events, important dates


Upcoming Events, important information


Upcoming events, important requests


Upcoming Events, Assembly Awards, Fair Information


Term 4 Calendar, Reminders of upcoming events


Important dates, Award recipients, Community information


Term 4 Important dates, RE news


Term 4 Calendar, Upcoming events for this week, term 3 review, awards and more...


Term 4 Calendar, Cake Day Tomorrow, Mufti Day next Thursday


Principal's Address,upcoming events-Fathers day stall, breakfast and liturgy, Jersey day, and more


Upcoming events Pupil free day, Fathers day stall, liturgy and breakfast, calendar dates and more...


The week ahead, Principal Address, Sports Update, Community News and more...


Upcoming Events


updated calendar, Principal Address,Current events, Assembly Awards and more.......


Upcoming Events, Trivia Night


Upcoming Events, Grandparents day, Trivia Night, Assembly Awards and much more...


Upcoming events, Important dates abd more


End of term newsletter, term 3 overview, a look back at our busy term 2 and more


Important Dates, change of date for Dance Fever Viewing, Cake Day Friday


Upcoming Events, Important Information


Upcoming Events - Photo day next Thursday 11th June


The week ahead, From the Principal, From the Assistant Principal, Awards and more....


Upcoming Events, dates for the diary


Upcoming Events, Riverstone Festival and St Joseph's participation, From the Principal, Assistant Principal, Assembly Awards, Community News and more.....


Term dates, What's happening this Week


From the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Co-ordinator. Important Dates, Assembly Awards, Mother's day stall, from the classrooms and Community news.


Term 2 Calendar of events, RE information regarding ANZAC Day Services, St Joseph's Mass and Mother's Day information.


Term 2 Calendar, Bring Your Own Device Program, Easter, Kiss and Drop, Principal’s Morning Tea, ANZAC Day, 123 Magic Workshops, Dance Fever, Healthy Harold, EMU Program, Skoolbag


Upcoming Events, Holy Week information


Principal Address, Upcoming events, Important dates and more


Calender dates and reminders of upcoming events.


Principal Address, Important dates, Award Recipients and more...


Upcoming events, Details of out Tea towel fundraiser, Swimming news, Student Banking and more


Upcoming events, Principal's Address, Professional learning, Religious information and more..

  Update Term-1-Week-3

Important dates, reminder of upcoming events


Term 1 Calendar, Principal Address, Important information regarding school routine, and more..