Our Staff

At St Joseph’s our passionate teachers are highly qualified experts with years of teaching experience.

Our staff all share a desire to make a difference and help students learn in the ways that work best for them.

Our teachers enjoy ongoing professional development on a regular basis to ensure they stay current with the best we know about 21st century teaching and learning.

Their innovative approach makes optimal use of all available teaching tools and technologies, and they care deeply about each individual. We know too that the creation of vibrant learning environments is a key component in promoting student creativity.

Our focus is ensuring a transparent, open communication in regard to school and student development. We believe our role is to provide a service which attempts to support the needs of all members of our community.


Principal Mrs Lesley Studans
Assistant Principal Mrs Joanna Delvecchio
School Counsellor Mrs Caroline Knight (M-Th) 
Early Stage 1 and DLN Coordinator Mrs Katie Bates 
Stage 1 and Welfare Coordinator Ms Paula Murphy 
Stage 2 and Mathematics
Mr Trevor Atkins
Stage 3 and Religious
Education Co-ordinator
Mrs Anne Watson


Office Admin
Finance Officer Mrs Leonie Beck (M-Tu,Thu-F)
Enrolments Mrs Sharon Daley (M-W) 
Mrs Freda Crane (M-Th)
Mrs Kerry Grima (Th-F) 
Communication Mrs Natalie Howard (Tu-F) 
Groundsman  Mr Andrew Jenkins (M-Tu-Th) 


Diverse Learning Needs (DLN)
Diverse Learning Needs (DLN) Leader Mrs Katie Bates
Diverse Learning
Mrs Christina Tomasums (M-W)
Mrs Sarah Hunt (Th-F)
Miss Carmel Mojica
Mrs Val Graham
Mrs Samantha Naylor (M-Th)
Mrs Anne Watson
Mrs Joanna Delvecchio
Mrs Zara Richards
Maths EMU Specialist Miss Shelby Morris
Teacher Aides Mrs Freda Crane (M-Th)
Mrs Vicki Bourke (W-F)
Mrs Jenny Dalbon
Mrs Natalie Howard
Miss Tatum Rose
Mrs Sonia Myles (M-W)
Mrs Nicole Grima
Miss Amanda Hutchings (M-W)
Mrs Kathy Privett
Mrs Kim Wennerbottom (M-Tu)
Mrs Elva Chandra
Library Technician  Mrs Joanne Neill


Early Stage 1
K Blue Miss Shelby Morris
K Green  Mrs Sarah Jeffriess
K White Mrs Victoria Powell (M-W)
Mrs Teresia Sobb (Th-F) 
K Yellow Miss Kim Van Gend 


Stage 1
1 Blue Mrs Joanna Gladwell
1 Green Mrs Denise Slattery (M-W)
Mrs Melissa Stevenson (Th-F)
1 White Mrs Ann-Maree Bamford 
1 Yellow Mrs Angela Alonzo
2 Blue Ms Paula Murphy (M-W)
Miss Natasha Zammit (Th-F)
2 Green Mrs Karen Lock
2 White Mr Jacob Gemmell
2 Yellow Miss Maria Longo (M-Th)
Mrs Melissa Fraser (F)


Stage 2
3 Blue Mrs Natalie Matthews
3 Green Mrs Cathy Vogt (M-Th)
Mrs Charlotte Mott (F)
3 White Mrs Leanne Fairclough
3 Yellow Miss Louise Mawby
4 Blue Mr Trevor Atkins (M-W)
Mrs Joelynne Roberts (Th-F)
4 White Mrs Leanne Tynan
4 Yellow Mr Daniel Parnis


Stage 3
5 Blue Mrs Lisa Firman
5 White Mr Justin Schelle
6 Blue Mrs Michelle Jadoo
6 White Miss Natalie Axiak


RFF Teachers
Sport Mrs Kimberley Turner (Tu-F)
Mr Patrick Senjak
Mrs Tammy Ible
Creative Arts Mrs Sara Anschau (Tu-W)
Mrs Leanne Wormleaton (Tu-W)
Mrs Margaret Slater (Th)