Our Story

St Joseph’s Primary Schofields is a K-6 primary Catholic school set in beautiful surroundings. We focus on providing a holistic education that responds to the needs of 21st century learners. We believe that it is together we can make a difference in our school, society and world.

School Profile

School Profile

St Joseph’s Primary belongs to the Catholic system of schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. The school caters for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Year 6 and follows the Josephite tradition.

The Community of St Joseph’s Primary draws its spiritual life from its earliest links with the Josephite Sisters and Saint Mary MacKillop.

The school’s educational philosophy is based on a partnership with parents/carers, where we promote educational and personal excellence in our students, as they grow as whole persons. We attend to their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.

The learning environment provides security, freedom to take risks, self-discipline, challenges, and stimulation to learn. There are quiet times for prayer, reading and individual work while there is also considerable discussion time where children express their understanding of various experiences. Provision is made for the many individual differences in the class. At any one time, children may be working on different tasks and activities at levels which reflect and challenge their ability.

Students experience success and opportunities in the pursuit of personal excellence. They interact cooperatively in groups where they plan, share ideas and help each other. Our students are encouraged to ask questions, relate experiences and express opinions and feelings.

Positive relationships between home, school and parish are integral to the learning process and to building community. Parents are significant members of the community and are invited to participate in the life of the school and parish through a variety of formal and informal activities.

School History

School History

From the first moment of its inception our community enthusiastically welcomed the idea of a second school for the Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill/ Schofields parish. By September of 1997, our hopes and dreams were realised as we moved the pioneer 70 children and staff to 78 Alex Avenue, Schofields, directly behind the new St John Paul II Catholic College (formerly known as Terra Sancta College). From that point, enrolments grew from 70 to 100 by the end of the year. Saint Mary MacKillop shares pride of place with St Joseph as guardians of our school, and both feasts are celebrated with due reverence in May and August.

The school draws its spiritual life from its earliest links with the Josephite Sisters and Saint Mary MacKillop.

When our architect set about designing the school he was given the brief to keep in mind the concept of Australian spirituality — finding God here with us in the beauty of creation and the life of people of the church in Australia. This was expressed in the comfortable, country-style classrooms that look like little houses. These cottages are arranged in a circle, like a country village around a central play area. The colourful panels on the front of the cottages are in earthy tones and pick up the creation theme. The concepts of inclusion, security, comfort, and belonging are easily identified through the architecture and the spirit of greeting that welcomes all at the entrance of our school – ‘Peace be with you'.

Vision and Values

Vision and Values

At St Joseph’s Primary we promote educational and personal excellence in our students, attending to their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development.

We believe that quality education, in a supportive and Christ-centred community, enriches and empowers the individual.

We support the right of each child to learn of our Catholic heritage, our faith tradition, and our God.

Parents, staff, pastor and students work together as a community, valuing and celebrating all contributions: because ‘together we can’ truly achieve great things.

School Motto and Logo

School Motto and Logo

Our motto ‘Together We Can’ expresses the desire to belong to a community of faith.

With God and each other we can do great things.

The logo is expressive of this community – grounded in Christ, respectful of the gifts of creation, and aware of our whole Australian heritage in spirituality and our environment.


The bird

The spirit of creation and the sacred presence

School Crest


Our mandate to care for the earth

The Cross

We are anchored in Christ

The Shape

(taken from the MacKillop cross) represents our connection with Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph

Gum Leaves

Australian context and culture