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Principal's Welcome

A welcome message from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Principal, Mrs Lesley Studans.

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Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary Schofields

We are part of a vibrant and caring Catholic environment of Quakers Hill/Schofields within Mary Immaculate Catholic parish. Together with St John Paul II Catholic College, Schofields, we provide a continuous, faith-based education for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

We are situated in a beautiful, safe, country-like environment and have well-resourced, modern, vibrant and flexible spaces that make St Joseph’s a pleasant place for students to learn and play.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic school centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and inclusive of all cultures and other faith traditions. We are proud to be a school for the whole community, where every child is warmly welcomed.

In partnership with parents, carers and pastors, we promote educational and personal excellence by attending to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of every student. We believe that quality education in a supportive and Christ-centred community enriches and empowers each individual student, and we value and celebrate all contributions together as a community because together as a community we can truly achieve great things!

We support the development of student confidence so they are ready to cope with whatever life challenges they may face. The learning environment is a positive and affirming one, providing security freedom and encouragement to take risks, self-discipline, challenges and stimulation to learn. We remove limits to learning and give the children the ability to use their power to learn.

Please take time to view our website and learn about our wonderful school.

Mrs Lesley Studans


Principal's Blog

St Joseph's Primary Schofields Principal

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Principal, Mrs Lesley Studans, provides a regular blog on current activities and highlighted learning.

The Feast of Pentecost Liturgy

The whole school joined together to celebrate the feast of Pentecost in a wonderful liturgy, designed by the Stage 2 team and lead by our Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs Watson. The spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, brings us the gifts of courage and joy. These two gifts alone are needed by children in our modern world.

Results from the School Expansion Survey

We have had a busy couple of weeks at school. Last Monday was our first athletics carnival at the new venue of Peel Road. Despite the blustering, icy weather a great time was had by all. Thankyou to Mr Adams and his happy band of helpers, both teachers and parents, who worked hard to make the day run smoothly. We have had over 60 replies to the survey to the school expansion survey. Read more...

First Holy Communion and Parent Survey

The beautiful faces of our students who made their First Holy Communion last Sunday week puts a smile on my face. Thankyou to Mrs Fairclough who supplied me with the picture from the mass I attended with her. Mrs Delvecchio, Mrs Lock and Mrs Watson also attended other First Communions. A very important person to our St Joseph’s community in the photos Fr Reuben. Fr Reuben always welcomes our school as part of the Mary Immaculate Parish and has a warm and friendly relationship with the school when he visits for mass and Reconciliation. We are fortunate to have him as our spiritual leader.

Amazing changes to come for St Josephs Schofields

You would have received my note yesterday about the amazing changes to come for our school. We will have three Kinder classes for next year and possibly 3 for Year 1 and Year 2. We need to plan for the future so that our caring Catholic community school grows gracefully.

NAPLAN and Tell them from Me Survey

This week is NAPLAN week. For Year 3 it’s their first grown up opportunity to enter the world of formal assessments. On the whole they were excited to see what the experience would be like. Year 5 seemed a little more relaxed. NAPLAN does give us valuable information but its not useful in the day to day teaching and learning of the students as the results take a long time to come.

Term 1 initiatives

Only a few more days to school holidays. A very big thankyou to you all for the support you have shown the school this term. Support shown to the teachers, myself and of course to your child is always very much appreciated and more importantly positive support is an essential ingredient for a good school.

Easter Message and Skoolbag information

A very Happy Easter! Easter is the highlight of the year in the Catholic church even more than Christmas. This is because of the message of love and hope. Death by Crucifixion is a dreadful death indeed, designed by the Romans to cause humiliation and suffering. It seemed that Jesus’ message of love would be destroyed. This has resonance with us in the world today- our family may be suffering with serious illness, family breakdown and when we look at what’s happening in the world around us so many tragic things happen. Jesus rose from the dead and gave hope to the world- nothing is so bad that good will not come again.


Community and Learning

So much great learning happens at St Joseph’s ! Already Kindergarten have been learning through play about school, Year 1 have become paleontologists, studying fossils lent to us from the Australian Museum, Year 2 have been learning about insects from live stick insects and meal worms. Astronomy is happening in Year 3 with a visit from the planetarium on Monday. Year 4 are learning about rocks and soil, Year 5 about earthquakes and Year 6 are preparing for their trip to Canberra by having classroom votes and campaigns.

The Joey Code

Do you know what the Joey code is? At the last Assembly of the term our Joey mascot launched, with much Joey mascot jumping, the Joey Code. The children know that it is:
“I am Safe
I am Respectful
I am a Learner”

Our School Community

One of the things I love about our school is its community. Building community comes from hard work and needs assistance and cooperation.