School Life

St Joseph’s Primary Schofields offers a relevant curriculum with emphasis on catering for the needs of each learner.

We expect all students to achieve their personal best and it is our belief that together we can make our classrooms places where learning is inviting and enjoyable.

At St Joseph’s, in partnership with parents/carers, we promote educational and personal excellence in our students as they grow as whole persons, attending to their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

We foster a collaborative community and supportive environment as we want each learner to feel accepted and grow in their learning. We respect and celebrate diversity and individuality by recognising and providing for differences in learning styles, rates of learning, strengths and needs.

Situated in a beautiful, safe, country-like environment, our school has well-resourced, modern and vibrant flexible spaces that make St Joseph’s a pleasant place for students to learn and play.

In the 'Learning & Teaching' section of our website, you will find information about our subject areas, support programs, resources and facilities, and sporting opportunities.