Parental involvement

Partnering with the Community

St Joseph’s is a family-friendly school. We believe that partnerships are best achieved through mutual and respectful communication, consultation and collaboration between family, school and the parish.

As parents are the primary educators of their children in faith and life, we work in partnership with parents to provide the most holistic education program for our students.

We invite parents to take an active part in St Joseph’s Primary School in many ways. As a volunteer, parents/carers can help in the playground, classroom, sports and the library to enhance the teaching and learning program. Parents may be able to assist with reading, the gross motor skill program, creative events, coaching sporting teams and providing valuable assistance in the library. Craft mornings and workshops, to make teaching materials, are also well supported by enthusiastic parents/carers. Parents/carers can also loan books and resources from the parent section of the school library and bring their toddlers to our weekly playgroup held at the school.

Parents/carers can participate in any of our school committees and working parties too including the:

  • Parent Representative Group - an open meeting, chaired by the principal, held once per term. Membership is open and consists of representatives of the parish, the school staff, other committees and any parent interested in the workings of the school and why and how decisions are made
  • Social and Events Committee - coordinate the various social and fundraising events throughout the year, as well as working bees and hospitality; and
  • Pastoral Care Committee - to lead support for those in need in our school community.

Families and parishioners are welcome to be involved in the religious and community life of our school and to attend school gatherings such as assemblies, information nights, concerts and liturgies and many other events throughout the school year.

We value our close working partnership with our parents and families. Here at St Joseph’s, we are always very appreciative of the work volunteer parents do for the school.

St Joseph's Primary SchofieldsParent Involvement

How parents can make a good school better...

See the school as ‘your’ school

Encourage your child to participate in school activities and contribute their ideas and talents.

Stay informed

Read the school newsletter, updates and other communications, and send in replies promptly.

Get involved

Participate in committees and groups such as PRG (Parent Representative Group), Working Bees, Fundraising committee, etc.

Help across the school

Become a helper in the classroom, library, on excursions, at sporting events or offer your expertise when needed. We are community.

Attend school events

Have fun! Come to our open days, liturgies, concerts, sporting functions, celebrations social and fundraising activities and make friends with other parents/carers.

Have your say

Participate in discussion groups and school surveys and be informed of what the school is doing and why. If unsure, ask the school and get the correct information, not someone’s opinion or hearsay.

Protocols for visitors to the school

All visitors to the school, including parents/carers are asked to observe school protocols in the interest of student safety, effective teacher supervision and Child Protection policies. Before assisting teachers in the classroom, on excursions, at sporting events or in any other capacity, volunteers need to:

On days of celebration when parents/carers are invited to the school, parents/carers are reminded that all children remain under the supervision of the school while on school grounds. Cooperation with the teaching staff is requested at all times.

The NSW Child Protection legislation prohibits any adult from disciplining a child other than their own. This is particularly so when children are at school. If there are issues at school or impacting a child, they should be brought to the attention of the Principal, Assistant Principal or class teacher.

Privacy is upheld in Commonwealth legislation. Information gathered when assisting teachers is confidential and volunteers are bound to keep it in trust. Volunteers are subject to the same Privacy Regulations as the school.

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Volunteer Training

We welcome the contribution volunteers make to the life of our school.

As we are committed to keeping students safe, all volunteers in schools are required to complete the building child safe communities undertaking form and child protection training module before volunteering. These checks reduce potential risk and forms part of our strategy to build child safe communities.

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